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The percentages of minorities and women in the federal workforce increased slightly in a new accounting from OPM, although the figures show that representation of both categories in the SES ranks remains well behind.

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Recruitment Program report, recently released although reflecting data only through fiscal 2018, shows that in that year the percentage of employees self-identifying as minority group members rose by 0.6 percentage points to 37.7.

That’s about equal to the overall national civilian labor force’s share of 38 percent although the federal government’s makeup differs, with 18.7 percent self-identified as Black and 9.1 percent Hispanic, compared with 11.8 and 17.5, respectively, in the overall labor force (note: the identifying terminology is what is used in the report). There was less variance among other minority groups.

The percentage of women overall rose by 0.1 percentage points to 43.4 percent, compared with 47 percent in the overall labor force.

Minority representation in the SES increased from 20.7 to 21.1 percent—including 10.6 percent Black and 4.6 percent Hispanic—while representation of women fell from 34 to 33.8 percent.

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