The US International Trade Commission, with only a few hundred civilian career employees, consistently ranks among the top in employee work experience.

Although full details by agency haven’t been released yet from this year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, a summary shows that employees of smaller agencies are more positive regarding many aspects of their work experience, compared with those of larger agencies.

The report presents results according to size of agency—from very small (less than 100 employees), small (100-199), medium (1,000-9,999), large (10,000-74-999) and very large (75,000 and up)—and percentages of positive responses to a number of questions related to satisfaction with their job and their organization.


For example, employees of very small and small agencies were more positive (46 and 43 percent) regarding whether differences in performance in their work unit are recognized in a meaningful way, compared with those of large and very large agencies (41 and 39). They similarly were more satisfied with the recognition they receive for doing a good job (60 and 58 vs. 56 and 52).

The two smaller categories also scored higher regarding opportunities to improve their skills (71 and 70 percent positive vs. 69 and 67); the use of their talents in the workplace (63 and 63 vs. 62 and 61); involvement in decisions that affect their work (57 and 58 vs. 56 and 55); information received from management regarding what is going on in the organization (57 and 56 vs. 54 and 51); cooperation among employees (79 and 82 vs. 79 and 77); and confidence that the results will be used to make the agency a better place to work (48 and 51 vs. 45 and 40).

Overall satisfaction with the workplace and the job rated about the same however, as did responses to questions about willingness to recommend the organization as a good place to work and understanding how the employee’s work relates to the agency’s goals. The larger categories did score higher on some measures, including confidence that the employee can disclose a violation of law, rule or regulation without fear of reprisal (64 and 66 percent positive vs. 68 and 69).