Among other provisions of the budget deal is one raising the maximum amount agencies can pay tax-free as a “public transit subsidy” from $130 to $250 a month retroactive to the start of 2015. That brings the amount equal to the current maximum tax-free amount for a separate but less commonly paid subsidy for parking at commuter lots. Both will rise to $255 a month for 2016 and they will remain equal to each other afterward. The measure did not, however, repeal a reduction in DoD per diem reimbursements for extended temporary assignments, a policy in effect for the last year that employee organizations and some members of Congress say unfairly shifts costs to travelers and dissuades employees from taking such assignments. Meanwhile, the mileage reimbursement rate for federal employees using their personal vehicles for official business likely will fall to 54 cents per mile from the current 57.5 cents. The IRS has announced that decrease in a rate used for tax purposes; GSA sets the federal employee mileage reimbursement rate and typically, but not necessarily, follows the IRS figure. The GSA announcement likely is just ahead.