President Trump’s proclamation on Public Service Recognition Week, which is this week, praises federal employees for their “hard work and willingness to serve their fellow citizens … Every day, our nation’s civil servants help make America better, safer, and stronger. This week, we honor their efforts and extend our gratitude for their exceptionalism and steadfast commitment to serving the American people.”

Most of the message however is dedicated to the administration’s recently issued President’s Management Agenda, which it says “will enable employees to achieve the missions of their agencies in more efficient and secure manners.”


“This Agenda leverages information technology, data, and our federal workforce to accomplish transformational cross-agency goals. Through the Agenda, my administration has established a transparent accountability structure, which includes quarterly reviews and public updates, to identify both successes and areas that need further attention,” it says.

“We are duty-bound to the American people to operate at the highest levels of capability and competency. I am confident that, in keeping with the Agenda, our devoted civil servants will execute their missions so that our government becomes more efficient and more productive for the benefit of all Americans.”