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TSP accounts overall in May continued a trend that started in April following the sharp drops in the stock-based funds in February and March and investors continued to grow slightly more aggressive — although both cases the trends in May were not as pronounced as in April.

As of the end of May, the average account value among FERS employees and retirees was about $145,000, up by about $4,000 over the month, while the CSRS average was about $156,000, up by about $3,500, according to data presented at this week’s monthly meeting of the TSP board.


The total across all investors, including active and retired military personnel, was just under $612 billion, up from about $594 billion, with new investments accounting for about $4 billion of the increase and investment gains for the rest. That remains below the $632 billion of year-end 2019, however.

Also in May, investors overall continued a shift that started in April of money away from the most conservative of the funds, the government securities G fund. On a net basis, about $1.4 billion was moved out of that fund—and another $350 million out of the lifecycle L funds collectively—with the small company stock S fund gaining nearly a net $1.2 billion and the bond F fund gaining most of the rest.

In February and March, a net $9.2 billion and $15.1 billion was moved into the G fund but in April a net $5.2 billion was transferred out, mostly into the large company stock C fund.

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