All TSP funds except the ever-gaining government securities G fund posted losses in September, with the large company stock C fund down 3.8 percent, the small company stock S fund down 3.04 percent and the international stock I fund down 2.6 percent. The bond F fund lost 0.03 percent while the G fund gained 0.06 percent.

Losses in the underlying funds also dragged down all of the lifecycle L funds: Income, -0.66; 2025, -1.58; 2030, -1.92; 2035, -2.11; 2040, -2.3; 2045, -2.46; 2050, -2.63; 2055, 2060, 3065, -3.2.


TSP: Wild News Week Adds to Investor Challenges
This has been quite a news week for markets: President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized to ensure adequate treatment. This puts him in a small group of world leaders, including those of the United Kingdom, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, and Armenia, that have contracted the virus this year.

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