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The international stock I fund and the large company stock C fund lost 3.97 and 2.66 percent respectively in October while the bond F fund also posted a loss, of 0.42 percent. The small company stock S fund meanwhile gained 0.5 percent and the government securities G fund rose 0.06 percent.

The losing funds dragged all of the lifecycle L funds into losses: Income, -0.58; 2025, -1.3; 2030, -1.61; 2035, -1.76; 2040, -1.91; 2045, -2.04; 2050, -2.17; 2055, -2.6; 2060, -2.6; 2065, -2.6.


Stock indexes rallied to start November on a bet that recent selling was overdone.

Meanwhile, Markets Remain in Uncertain Territory with uncertainty surrounding the US Presidential election and rising Covid rates, most notably in the EU and US.

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