The TSP has said that as of year-end 2018, the number of account holders stood at just above 5.5 million, counting current and former federal employees and military personnel and beneficiaries who kept accounts open after the primary account holder’s death.

Collective investments were just below $536 billion, almost all of it in “traditional” balances (invested pre-tax but taxable on withdrawal); only $12 billion of that is in “Roth” balances (invested after-tax but not taxable on withdrawal so long as certain conditions are met). The totals had decreased from the prior several months largely due to late-year losses in the stock funds.


The average account balance for those working or who had worked under CSRS was about $141,000 and for those under FERS, about $133,000. While CSRS employees don’t receive government contributions into their accounts, they have had more years to invest. Ninety percent of active FERS employees make personal investments but that is true of only 75 percent of CSRS employees.