The Thrift Savings Plans has closed the books on March, and not a minute too soon with broad, deep losses almost across the board and continued market declines to start the month of April.

The three stock-oriented TSP funds suffered substantial drops in March, with the small company stock S fund falling 21.4 percent, the international stock I fund 13.87 percent and the common stock C fund 12.4 percent.


The bond F fund lost 0.64 percent while the government securities G fund rose 0.11 percent. All of the lifecycle L funds posted losses: Income, -3.09; 2020, -3.52; 2030, -8.72; 2040, -10.42; 2050, -11.9.

Volatility Roils Markets

The S&P 500, which represents about 80% of the value of the U.S. stock market and is tracked by the C Fund, had its first positive week in a while last week, including one of the best-ever days in stock market history. It began with the first solid “bounce” of this bear market, after a sharp sell-off that went straight down week after week, without two consecutive up days in a while. Continue reading: Market Turmoil: Good Plan and a Steady Hand Prevails

As of mid March, only about 5 percent of the nearly 5 million TSP account holders had made a change to their investment mix:
Some TSP Investors Have Fled but Most Standing Pat: (3/24/2020)

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