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The strong returns in the TSP funds tracking stock indexes in July helped investors overall recover some of the losses of the first six months of the year, with the average account for a FERS investor rising to around $169,000 from $159,000 and for a CSRS investor to $181,000 from $174,000.

The total on investment in the TSP meanwhile rose from $707 billion to $743 billion. However, that is still down from the $812 billion at the start of the year, when the average account balance was about $181,000 for those under FERS and $195,000 for those under CSRS.

Despite the rise in the stock funds in July, investors continued to shift money toward the never-losing government securities G fund, with $2.6 billion net moved into that fund, mostly from the large company stock C fund and from the lifecycle L funds collectively.

Usage of the mutual fund window fell in July to about half of the level of its first month in operation of June, when some 900 account holders shifted about $47 million into outside funds. Meanwhile, requests for loans were up in both months over the prior average, largely due to the new feature of allowing two general purpose loans at one time.

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