While the financial markets have been anything but normal, the TSP has said that its operations are continuing as per usual despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Transaction processing, phone customer service and online account access remains unchanged.

The TSP also said that this is an opportunity for account holders to check whether their two-factor authentication for online access is working – or to set it up if they haven’t already. Since late last year, access has required using an account number to sign on and an email or cell phone to receive confirmation. It also noted that wait times on the ThriftLine phone service tend to be shorter in the afternoons, especially Tuesday through Friday.


Markets have been shocked through with volatility, with some of the largest one-day rises and falls (mostly) in the history of major indexes such as the Dow and S&P, which the C Fund tracks. Many TSP investors are simply choosing not to look while praying for a quick turnaround later this year.

Historic Times for the Market and TSP During COVID-19

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