All TSP funds posted gains in October, led by the international stock I fund, up 3.6 percent, followed by the large company stock C fund, 2.16 percent, and the small company stock S fund, 1.93 percent.

The bond F fund gained 0.28 percent and the government securities G fund 0.14 percent.


The October returns for the lifecycle L funds were: Income, 0.7; 2020, 0.79; 2030, 1.67; 2040, 1.95; 2050, 2.2.

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Senator Marco Rubio has announced plans to introduce legislation that, if passed, would block the I Fund from changing its index, with the desired goal to stop the I Fund from investing in Chinese stocks in particular. The new I Fund index as currently planned would put less than 10% of its assets into Chinese stocks, based on market capitalization at the current time.