All three stock-based TSP funds suffered losses in September, dragging down the lifecycle L funds with them.

The large company stock C fund was down by 4.65 percent, the small company stock S fund by 4 percent and the international stock fund by 2.81 percent. The bond F fund also dropped, by 0.86 percent, while the ever-gaining government securities G fund was up 0.11 percent.


The September returns for the L funds were: Income, -0.87; 2025, -1.78; 2030, -2.37; 2035, -2.61; 2040, -2.85; 2045, -3.05; 2050, -3.25; 2055, 2060 and 2065 -3.87.

Meanwhile, the TSP’s quarterly report on account balances shows that the number of investors with balances over $1 million slipped by about 500 since June, remaining just under 99,000, while the number with balances between $750,000 and $1 million fell by about the same number to just under 100,000. Both remain well above the count of 12 months ago, when they stood at about 55,000 and 78,000, respectively, and are up year-to-date from 75,000 and 89,000.

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