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The S Fund, tracking small-cap stocks led all TSP funds in June, returning 3.46% partly reflecting a rotation into value stocks, followed by the C Fund, which mirrors the large cap S&P index and posting 2.33% in gains. At the halfway point on the year those funds are up a solid 15.47% and 15.24% respectively.

The I Fund pulled back -1.44% in June after having gained 3.61% in May – though it’s still up 8.99% on the year.


The L Funds edged up overall from 0.64% in the 2025 Fund through 1.17% for the 2065 Fund – up 6.29% and 13% for the year.

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President Biden has ordered an assessment of how the TSP “has taken environmental, social, and governance factors, including climate-related financial risk, into account” in its investment fund offerings, as part of an executive order on the government’s potential financial liabilities arising from climate change.

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With a long enough timeline, involving consistent large contributions and decent long-term stock returns during the period, it’s possible to become a millionaire from compounding a middle-class or upper middle-class income, including most jobs in federal service.

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