All three stock-based TSP funds posted exceptionally strong gains in November, led by the small company stock S fund, up 18.26 percent, with the international stock I fund up 15.54 percent and the large company stock C fund up 10.95 percent. The bond F fund meanwhile rose 0.99 percent and the government securities G fund 0.07 percent.

Boosted by the stock fund gains, the lifecycle L funds also posted strong returns: Income, 3; 2025, 6.56; 2030, 8.1; 2035, 8.92; 2040, 9.74; 2045, 10.47; 2050, 11.19; 2055, 2060, 2065; 13.55.


Very Strong November for TSP; C Fund Concentration
There have been a variety of sharp rotations under the surface. Since the vaccine announcements, highly-valued tech stocks that benefitted from the “work from home” movement have weakened, while cheaper value stocks, such as banks and oil producers and airports, have begun rallying on hopes of a return to relative normalcy sometime in 2021.

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