Image: Matt Gush/Shutterstock.com

The USPS has moved to loosened some of the ethical restrictions on outside activities its employees, saying that it has concluded that some of them are “unduly restrictive” especially given the growth in its part-time and nonpermanent employees.

Rules proposed in the March 8 Federal Register, with the concurrence of the Office of Government Ethics, would among other things:


* rescind a ban on employees engaging in outside employment or business activities with or for persons, including the employees themselves, engaged in the manufacture of any uniform, or other product required by the Postal Service for use by its employees or customers. Advance approval from the Postal Service’s ethics office still would be required for certain positions “in which impartiality and objectivity concerns are most likely to arise.”

* rescind a ban on employees engaging in outside employment or business activities related to contractors who transport mail, making such arrangements subject to the same type of review by the ethics office that applies to other outside employment; and

* clarify language regarding outside employment and business activities in general, including those involving business subsidiaries; as well as language governing fund raising, sales or certain other activities while on duty, in uniform, in a postal facility or using postal equipment.

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