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The Postal Service has announced a limited early retirement opportunity effective April 30 for certain non-bargaining unit employees at headquarters, headquarters-related, area and district offices as part of its latest reorganization steps.

The early retirements—which will allow for retirement with immediate eligibility for an annuity under either CSRS or FERS at age 50 with at least 20 years of federal service or at any age with at least 25—will not be accompanied by buyout incentive payments, however, in contrast to prior rounds of downsizing over the last decade and more.


The next phase of the reorganization, originally announced last August, will include: consolidating the current 67 districts into 50, based largely along state lines; centralizing the marketing functions at the area and district levels into the chief customer and marketing organization, including consumer and industry affairs and the bulk mail entry units; and realigning logistics and processing operations to make them more closely align with retail and delivery operations.

The USPS said it plans to announce final structure and staffing in May.

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