OPM Nominee Reportedly Withdraws

George Nesterczuk, the nominee to head OPM, reportedly has withdrawn from consideration, following opposition from federal employee unions that focused largely on his role in crafting the national security personnel system at DoD during the Bush administration.

Unions strongly opposed NSPS, a pay for performance system that also sought to weaken union rights and strengthen management’s hand in disciplinary actions–although those latter provisions never took effect due to a lawsuit and later repeal by Congress. It was totally repealed early in the Obama administration.

Nesterczuk also had held a variety of other roles in government including as a senior official at OPM, DoD and Transportation, and as staff director of the House civil service subcommittee when it was headed by Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., and as a member of the council that oversees the GS locality pay system.

He was nominated in June but has not had even a confirmation hearing.

OPM has not had a confirmed director since mid-2015. Currently the acting director is the chief management officer, Kathleen McGettigan.