FERS & CSRS Calculator: See Your Annuity Estimate!

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Note: If years of service is less than 5 and you never return to federal service, you will be eligible for a refund of your contributions.
(You’ll have to pay this back plus interest if you return and want that service credit to count toward your annuity.)

Sick leave cannot add to your service credit making you eligible to retire, but it does add to length of service for annuity computation purposes.

This is a simplified, ball park calculator
This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea of an unreduced annuity – in reality, you could have your annuity reduced or enhanced in various ways. So play around with the inputs but be realistic.

For example, there are reductions such as survivor benefit elections or alternative form of annuity, taxes, FEHB and/or FEGLI deductions to account for.

If you are FERS, keep in mind the FERS retiree Annuity Supplement which could be a very large portion of a retirement check, enough to make some retire at 60 versus 62 since there is that bridge until they become Social Security eligible.  Or, maybe one could decide to stay until age 62 if they have 20 or more years (including their sick leave) so their formula jumps from 1% x years/months of service to 1.1% x years/months of service – which adds up.

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