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Some assisted living communities are willing and perhaps eager to accept residents who might need more than a little assistance in their living arrangements. Thus, some seniors can be in assisted living even if they are frail. These communities may bend over backwards to keep residents there as long as they can, although some seniors reach a point where they have to move into a more regimented nursing home.

The greatest challenges might occur when a would-be resident is suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other cognitive difficulty. Many assisted living facilities will not take such applicants. Some will, though, especially if the applicant can hire a nurse for a sizable portion of each day, to provide supervision.


A preference for assisted living may be especially strong among married couples who don’t relish the thought of paying for one spouse’s nursing home stay while the other spouse must continue to pay for independent living. Some places have one-bedroom apartments for couples–if so, an assisted living facility may take a couple even if one of them has Alzheimer’s, as long as the other is able to provide the needed care.