Financial & Estate Planning

Some states permit trusts to last for many years, even centuries. This can enable you to establish a “dynasty” trust, one that can offer future generations protection from:

Taxes. If the trust assets are truly beyond your reach, they will not be included in your taxable estate when you die. The same is true for your daughter: even if she is a beneficiary of the trust, no estate tax will be due on trust assets when she dies. And so on, for your descendants.


Creditors: Suppose your daughter loses a lawsuit, many years from now. Her personal assets might be awarded to someone else but the assets held in the dynasty trust will be sheltered. Those assets can be protected from divorce settlements and bankruptcy filings, too.

Meanwhile, the trustee can distribute dynasty trust assets among the beneficiaries for education, housing, debt repayment, and so on. Thus, such a dynasty trust may provide vital support to your descendants yet keep its assets out of the grasp of estate tax collectors and creditors.