If I leave under MRA+10, what does my sick leave balance count toward?


I am qualified to leave federal service under the MRA plus 10, birth year 1958 and 12 years of service now. I have 1048 hours of sick leave. What happens with my 1048 hours of sick leave? Does my sick leave improve my annuity amount? Does it make a difference if I wait to leave at 62? How?

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Asked on July 26, 2017 8:27 pm
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If you leave at your MRA with the 12 years of service, your annuity will be increased by your 1048 hours of sick leave, which equals approximately 6 months. If you wait until you are age 62 to retire, you will have a larger annuity due to your additional service and your high-3 hopefully will be higher, and your sick leave could be more, again, due to your additional service. If you retire at your MRA+10 and take the pension immediately, it will be penalized. If you wait until age 62 to retire, or to wait draw your MRA+10 annuity, there would be no age penalty.

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Answered on July 26, 2017 11:23 pm