Retiring under MRA +10 – Question 2: How is my spouse affected?


At my MRA (age 56) with 15 yrs service, if I retire and delay my benefits until age 62, will my spouse still be eligible. She is currently on my benefits (for the past 10 yrs). Also, how is my spouse affected (with regards to benefits) if I die prior to turning 62 and have not yet started collecting benefits?

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Asked on May 30, 2018 8:08 pm
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If you resign at age 56 with 15 years of service and had your FEHB for the last five years prior to resigning, when you elect your annuity to commence, you will be eligible to have your FEHB reinstated. And, at that time, you will elect a survivor benefit for your spouse. During the years between age 56 and 62, you will not have coverage under FEHB because you must elect a retirement to be eligible to continue FEHB. Should you die before having filed for your retirement, the Office of Personnel Management deems you to have filed a retirement application as of the date of death and survivor benefits will be payable to your spouse and if you had family FEHB on the date you resigned, she would be eligible to continue FEHB upon your death and the premiums would be deducted from her annuity payment.

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Answered on May 31, 2018 2:11 am
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