Being Held Back in my GS Level


I am a GS-9 in the Veterans Health Administration but feel I’m being held back at my current level. My supervisor has been trying to get me moved up to GS-11 but this hasn’t panned out. I’m a union member but my union but haven’t been able to get any help there either. I do feel like I’m being held back out of retaliation. What are my options?

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Asked on March 8, 2018 2:23 am
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OPM guidance states: “First, you should make sure your position or job description identifies the major duties and responsibilities you are assigned and perform. Because your agency is responsible for assigning duties to your position, including them in your position description (PD), and classifying them accordingly, OPM will normally not accept a GS appeal until your agency has fulfilled this responsibility.
If the position or job description is significantly inaccurate, you should try to resolve the problem by discussing it with your supervisor and perhaps a representative of your human resources office. If you are unable to resolve the problem at this level, you should use your agency’s negotiated or administrative grievance procedure. If you are unable to obtain an accurate position description through the grievance procedure, we may accept your appeal and determine the proper classification based on the duties assigned by management and performed by you. Information on what OPM expects an employee to do to resolve PD accuracy before filing a GS appeal can be found in section 511.607(a)(1) if title 5, Code of Federal Regulations and the Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, Appendix 4.G.4.a.”

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Answered on March 8, 2018 2:23 pm
<p>As mentioned above, grades are based on the level and nature of work performed (assuming you&#8217;re Title 5 and not a Hybrid or Title 38), not on how well you do your job. So I agree that the first step is looking at your PD to see if your duties are accurately described. The work has to support a grade 11 in order for you to be considered for one. If your job does not support a GS-11, then you may need to apply elsewhere in the agency for GS-11 openings.</p>
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