Why do my SF 50/52 line 1 say Separation instead of Retirement?


I’m 55 and retired in Jan 2017 under the DSR option. I was a AF Reserve Military Tech and was medically disqualified. I was involuntarily forced to retire on both the Civilian and Military side. However, my SF 50/52 states “separation” instead of retirement. I asked AFPC Randolph about my SF 50/52 and was told the following: That OPM is the final authority for DSR retirements and because I wasn’t 56(the MRA) they (my Agency) couldn’t retire me. Am I “separated” or “retired”?

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Asked on February 13, 2018 12:45 am
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Two things. First in response to your question, OPM’s Handbook on Processing Personnel Actions states:
Chapter 31. Separations by Other the Retirement:
1. Coverage.
a. Separations are actions that end employment with an agency. This chapter covers separations by other than retirement. Actions covered include: resignations; terminations; removals; separations due to reduction in force; separations to enter the uniformed services; and deaths. It includes those involuntary separations under which the employee may be eligible for discontinued service retirement, or MRA+10 retirements when the employee chooses to postpone the MRA+10 annuity commencing date beyond 31 days after separation.
And second, I see where you are age 55, however, depending on how many years of service you had, one of these two rules might apply to you:
1) If involuntary separated from technician service due to disability or any other reason by employing agency, MRTs are entitled to an immediate annuity after attaining age 50 and completing 25 years “federal” of service if first hired before February 10, 1996, or
2) If first hired on or after February 10, 1996, can retire at age 50 and completing 20 years of “military technician” service or at any age and completing 25 years of “military technician” service

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Answered on February 13, 2018 1:33 am
<p>I am receiving an annuity. It started in May 2017. I had nearly 23 years of service when I retired. The problem is that I can&#8217;t get a retired Civilian ID because my Final SF-50/52 say &#8220;Separation&#8221; and because I don&#8217;t have a &#8220;Retired Civilian&#8221; profile in DEERs or Milconnect. Tinker AFB, Ok ID office has told me this. Do all normal DOD civilian retirees have DEERs or Miconnect profiles? Also will I have to file paperwork to get the Supplement when I turn 56 this year in August? </p>
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<p>I have applied for voluntary retirement and have 30 years in. Why does it state separation? The Tinker input makes no sense&#8211;I have had several DEERS inputs, but I am not yet retired. So Why? It seems rather limiting?</p>
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