AFROTC Field training time not creditable?


The CSRS/FERS handbook references both AROTC and NROTC summer training as creditable for civil service retirement but AFROTC is not mentioned. Why is there a difference? The Title category for active duty for training is the same across the three branches but AFROTC does not get any credit. Why is this?

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Asked on February 13, 2018 12:30 am
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I do not know why it does not list AFROTC however, I believe it is included based on the following information. The CSRS FERS Handbook states the following: OPM does not expect an agency to determine whether military service is “active duty.” Agencies should request verification of military service from the appropriate branch of the armed forces and specifically ask for the dates of “active duty” service.
And OPM’s Guide to Processing Personnel Actions states: (b) Active duty is full time duty in the Armed Forces. In the Reserves this would include active duty for training but not weekly or monthly assemblies or drills.
With that information, you should submit the necessary paperwork to have this service verified and make the appropriate deposit. If you read the 3rd page of this document, you will see that AF Reserve is listed.

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Answered on February 13, 2018 4:40 pm