Windfall Elimination Provision for CSRS and FERS


I recently retired with 22 yrs 4 mos of Federal service. I worked under CSRS for 4 yrs in the 70’s and retired. I redeposited my lump sum retirement when I returned to the Federal Govt in 2003. Since I had less than 5 yrs of CSRS, my FERS annuity did not have a CSRS component. Will I still be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision since I didn’t pay social sec. taxes for 4 yrs under CSRS?

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Asked on January 26, 2022 4:46 pm
Right Elaine, Bebol probably resigned rather than retired after 4 years of service in the 1970s. Is there any federal agency that allows employees to retire after 4 years of service before they are even 40 years old? When a member of any of the military services separates at a young age they don’t retire and collect a pension. Either there is some special case we haven’t thought of or Bebol misused the word ”retired”.
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I did misuse the word retirement. I actually resigned due to motherhood. Thank you both for catching my error. I certainly don't want to mislead anyone on retirement policies.
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May I assume after 4 years of CSRS you resigned your federal position and did not, in fact, retire since you had your CSRS contributions refunded to you? If I am correct, then your pension is a FERS pension without a CSRS component. From the Social Security website it states "If you are eligible for a pension based on work you did for a federal, state, or local government, a nonprofit organization, or in another country and you did not pay Social Security taxes, this pension can affect the amount of your Social Security benefits." In your case, WEP will not apply as your pension is FERS only.

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Answered on January 26, 2022 4:54 pm