Issue Briefs

Following is information recently released by OPM on the demographic profile of the federal workforce.

The typical federal civilian employee is a topic of frequent interest for the news media, businesses, private citizens and organizations. This fact sheet lists summary statistics often requested for speeches, letters and reports. (Data are for total on – board employment (i.e., all work schedules) unless otherwise indicated and may differ from other releases due to coverage e.g., agency, work schedule, tenure and as – of dates.)

Demographic Characteristics


47.4 years average for non-seasonal full-time permanent employees

Length of Service:

13.6 years average for full-time permanent employees

Education Level

51.25% have Bachelor’s Degree or higher degree


56.69% men and 43.3% women

Race and National Origin

35.89% minority group members: 17.9% Black, 8.46% Hispanic, 5.86% Asian, .49% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander,  1.71% Native American

Disability Status

12.24% have disabilities

Veterans Preference

26.14% have veterans preference (2.54% are Vietnam Era veterans)

Retired Military

8.32% of total: 1.92% officers and 6.4% enlisted personnel


Job Characteristics

Average Annual Base Salary (adjusted to include locality pay) for Full Time Permanents

$82,702 worldwide

General Schedule Grade

10.33 average grade;   12.46 in Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Core Based Statistical Area

Pay System

71.39% General Schedule, 8.82% wage systems, and 19.28% others

Work Schedule

94.94% full-time, 2.72% part-time and 2.34% intermittent


93.04% permanent appointments; 90.2% full-time permanent appointments

Occupation and Category

90.64% White-Collar (26.99% Professional, 37.25% Administrative, 26.39% Technical, Clerical, Other), 9.35% Blue-Collar

Supervisory Status

12.58% Supervisors and Managers

Service (Position Occupied)

69.52% Competitive, 30.47% Excepted, and Senior Executive Service


35.2% Department of Defense, 9.14% Homeland Security, and 17.8% Department of Veterans Affairs

Geographic Location

98.36% USA
and 15.09% Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Core Based Statistical Area

Retirement Plan

4.21% Civil Service Retirement
91.49% Federal Employees Retirement System

Employment in This Profile

2,096,258 Total; 1,867,071 Full-Time Permanent