Reg Jones Expert's View

For this year OPM, for the first time in history, introduced a new enrollment category in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program – Self Plus One. Because of this unprecedented change, it has announced an additional Limited Enrollment Period.

While the standard FEHB Open Season enrollment period ended on December 14, 2015, OPM has amended its regulations to include an additional Limited Enrollment Period to be run the month of February.


However, there are important restrictions; this is not going to be an extra open season when the full range of choices is available.

According to OPM, “This Limited Enrollment Period is intended to allow individuals who miss Open Season and want to change their enrollment from Self and Family to Self Plus One. It will not apply to annuitants and other individuals who do not participate in premium conversion, because they may decrease their enrollment at any time.

“The following applies to changes made during the Limited Enrollment Period:

• Only for employees enrolled in Self and Family.

• Only those who participate in premium conversion will be allowed to decrease enrollment to Self Plus One (others may decrease enrollment at any time) using the Limited Enrollment Period QLE code.

• Decreases in enrollment to Self Plus One will be the only allowed enrollment changes.

• No changes in plans, no option changes or other decreases in enrollment will be allowed.

• All enrollment changes will be prospective to the first pay period following the one in which the change is requested.”

If you one of those to whom this opportunity applies, you need to be ready to make the change when the gate opens. Further guidance will be coming from OPM and your agency to let you know how to do that.