The Federal Employees Health Benefits program is one of the most valuable of federal benefits. If you have any doubt about that, ask a private sector employee whose company doesn’t offer health insurance, or maybe ask a private sector retiree who had insurance and then lost it when leaving the job.

Finally in early 2015 some federal employees and their agencies worked out arrangements that made phased retirement a reality. These employees and agencies, like all path-setters, will be followed by many more. | Primer: government furloughs and shutdowns, what feds need to know

The 2018-2019 partial government shutdown put some 800,000 federal employees in non-pay status, nearly half of them on unpaid furloughs, and the rest required to stay on the job but unpaid. This explainer covers the impact that shutdowns have on your pay and benefits.

This summary covers the ins-and-outs of TSP withdrawals: The TSP has implemented new, more flexible withdrawal options, but how and how often you can take money out shouldn’t be your only concern. There is a lot to aware of when moving money out of this tax-favored account, including serious tax consequences.