Retirement Benefits

A deposit to capture military service must be made before separation for retirement. Contact your personnel office to obtain the appropriate forms and instructions. You will need to complete RI 20-97 (Estimated Earnings During Military Service) and mail it to the appropriate military finance center, with a copy of your DD Form(s) 214, Report of Transfer or Discharge. The completed form or letter showing the estimated earnings will be returned to you.

Upon receipt of estimated earnings, you will need to take the items identified below to your local payroll office to request an estimate of deposit required, and to arrange for payment:

  • SF 2803, Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit
  • Military Deposit Worksheet
  • Estimated Earnings Form or Letter
  • DD Form(s) 214

To obtain records of your military earnings, contact the appropriate Defense Finance and Accounting Center. Use a separate request for each branch of service. Attach DD 214 or equivalent and any available records of pay or promotions to the Request for Earnings during Military Service form provided by the civilian personnel office.
Individuals who do not have a DD 214 or equivalent should get an SF 180 from their personnel office and have their service verified before forwarding the request form to the pay center. The pay center cannot provide estimated earnings unless verification of service is attached. Send or fax the Request for Earnings during Military Service form to the appropriate address/fax number shown on the form.