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Many people naturally want to age in place rather than move to an assisted living facility or another living arrangement as they age. Yet, they may be living in a home that is ill-suited to mobility and other issues that may arise, making living there difficult and even potentially dangerous; the decision to move in effect is forced on them.

Before you reach that point, consider making these improvements that can extend the home’s useful life for you:


* Install a bench and grab bars in your bathtub, making it easier to get in and out.

* Replace doorknobs, cabinet handles, and faucets with items that have been designed for the elderly. They are easier to grip and turn.

* If making major alterations, install doorways at least 36 inches across and widen hallways so they are wheelchair accessible.

Even if you choose to sell the house at some point, such amenities will add value to your house as America ages.

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