Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Only a fifth of workers in their 50s or 60s say they do not plan to work at all after they retire, with the large majority of the rest saying they hope to cut back to part-time work, while a tenth say they expect to retire from one full-time job only to start another.

Those data came from a report by the Sloan Center on Aging and Work finding that most of those leaving full-time employment after age 50 move first to a “bridge” job. The report examined various studies into the growing trend of post-retirement employment.


Common reasons for wanting to stay in the workplace at least part-time include financial needs, desire to stay involved, enjoyment of what they do, and need for health benefits.

In general, higher percentages of those looking to a bridge–or “encore”–job are college-educated, have held professional or white-collar jobs and are in good health.

The most desired features of such jobs include a good balance between work life and personal life, and flexibility regarding when and where the job can be performed. Having a friendly work environment also was a top priority. Older job seekers also are looking for positions in which they can have an impact on causes or issues of importance to them, and where they can serve a public good.

The report said that overall, these persons seem to be getting what they want: one survey found that 95 percent of those in bridge jobs said they enjoy going to work.