Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Even among what the financial services industry calls “high net worth” individuals there is concern about retirement preparedness, according to a recent survey that questioned individuals with at least $3 million in investible assets.

It found that more than half of that group did not consider themselves wealthy despite their net worth, a feeling that was even more common among those who came from middle class or lower backgrounds and those who created the majority of their wealth themselves, as opposed to inheriting it.

Also, a tenth of them don’t feel financially secure today and three-tenths are concerned about their ability to meet their future financial needs. While lifestyle expectations and concerns about investment performance contributed to that insecurity, the top reason was concern about retirement income, it found. Barely more than half said they were very confident that they will reach their retirement income goals.

It said that large numbers—in the 40 percent range and above—“have not adequately accounted” for the impact on their retirement income of taxes, inflation, health care and long-term care costs, financial support needed by family members and changes in the value of the real estate they own.

They also tended to put off serious retirement planning until later in life, it found. Three fourths did not have a comprehensive estate plan and one-fourth didn’t even have a will.