Retirement & Financial Planning Report

When forming or modifying your investment portfolio, you should include the stocks that have led the way throughout the 1990s: large U.S. companies. What’s more, there should be sizable exposure to the technology stocks that have performed so well during the past few years, Microsoft and Intel and Cisco Systems and Qualcomm and Nokia and highly selected Internet stocks. Although tech stocks likely will be long-term winners you shouldn’t have more than 35% of your portfolio in this volatile category. Besides technology, you probably should hold health care and financial services stocks, because those are likely to be growing areas of the economy. Add some small companies and some international stocks to round out your portfolio. If you’re interested in building a well-balanced portfolio that continues to generate good returns even in times like the past few weeks, then you should read Your Strategic Guide to Investment & Financial Planning. This valuable guide is not just some booklet that gives you a few tips on Internet or stocks. See “Featured Publication of the Week” below for more details.