Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Coverage levels under the FEGLI life insurance program typically change little for federal employees, but one situation where they can change involves a “qualifying life event”– marriage, divorce, the death of your spouse, or the birth or adoption of a child–that changes the enrollee’s family situation.

If you enroll in or increase your coverage due to a qualifying life event, you will be required to provide the reason for the change in coverage and documentation to support that change.


Examples of supporting documentation would be a copy of a marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce decree (first and last page only), birth certificate of a child or of a stepchild acquired due to marriage, adoption papers, or a signed affidavit explaining the reason for the change.

Many agencies operate automated benefits systems that have their own rules regarding documentation, so if using one of those, check the requirements. For example, they might accept a copy of the marriage certificate issued by the presiding official or, in the case of a birth, the certificate issued by the hospital or midwife. Or, if the new family member is a foster child, you must submit a foster child statement.

If you already have Basic, you may elect Option B and/or Option C, or increase your multiples of Option B and/or Option C, within 60 days of experiencing a qualifying life event.