Retirement & Financial Planning Report

If you pay your Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program premiums through payroll deduction and you retire or transfer to another agency, you need to take certain steps in order to keep your policy current. Otherwise, you might risk having it lapse and you would have to reapply and pay premiums at a higher rate because you’ve aged since you took out the policy.

If you are retiring, deductions will not automatically transfer from your agency to your retirement system. Instead, you need to contact LTC Partners (the administrator of the program) and give them the effective date of your retirement. LTC Partners will work with the Office of Personnel Management to set up premium deductions from your annuity.


LTC Partners will bill you directly for premiums due while you’re in receipt of “interim annuity payments” from OPM. This is because LTC premiums cannot be deducted from interim pay. Once your annuity is finalized, LTC Partners will begin to deduct premiums from your annuity. It’s important you pay the direct bills promptly because once your annuity is finalized, annuity deductions cannot be adjusted to catch up uncollected premiums.

If transferring to another agency, your payroll deduction will not automatically switch over to the new location. You need to let LTC Partners know as soon as you know where and when you will be transferring. They will work with your new agency location to set up payroll deductions. Depending on when you contact LTC Partners, they may not be able to get your payroll deduction changed over in time for your first paycheck at the new location due to the timing of payroll information between LTC Partners and agencies. If that’s the case, you will automatically receive a direct bill from LTC Partners for the premiums due that were not collected through payroll deduction. Payroll deductions are not adjusted to catch up uncollected premiums, so it’s important for you to pay the direct bill(s) promptly in order to keep your long term care coverage current.

To report your transfer or retirement, call LTC Partners at (800) 582-3337, TTY (800) 843-3557.