Retirement & Financial Planning Report

One of the sad facts of life is that all of us, especially those old enough to know who Howdy Doody was, are reluctant to disengage from strangers who are polite, even charming. Skillful con artists know this and use it to their benefit and to our disadvantage. Scam fighters know all the tricks used to bilk us out of money. Their advice is to back away quickly before scammers set the hook. It usually starts with good manners and friendly, polite talk, on the phone or in person. You know something’s up but listen instead to a well-rehearsed spiel that keeps getting more and more reasonable-sounding and before too long we’ve yanked our checkbook out and begun to write. Remember that good manners and sweet talk don’t necessarily make soon business sense. So, when In doubt, run, don’t walk away from the stranger dangling the bait.