Retirement & Financial Planning Report

At least 7 in 10 employees that telework say working from home has had a positive impact on their workplace well-being. Image: zimmytws/

A nationwide survey has found that employer-sponsored health insurance and retirement savings plans are the most important factors in their decisions to stay in their current job or change jobs.

The survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute reflects findings in the occasional survey that OPM conducts of federal employee views of their benefits, which also place those same benefits at the top. Also as in the OPM study, it found that the overwhelming majority of those offered those benefits participate in them voluntarily.

The EBRI study also found, though, that while 44 percent are very or extremely satisfied with their benefits package, that was a drop of 7 points from 2021. Other findings included that: 37 percent described their work-life balance as very good or excellent; 55 percent are satisfied with their leave benefits; and 51 percent work from home, about evenly split between those who do so full-time and those who do so part-time.

Among teleworkers, “At least 7 in 10 employees say working from home has had a positive impact on their workplace well-being (78%), family/household dynamics (76%), physical well-being (74%), emotional well-being (74%), and financial well-being (71%),” it said.

“Aside from income and compensation, employees value flexibility in work schedule (41%) and work-life balance (36%) most from their employer. A third (32%) value generous paid time off benefits most, while a quarter (26%) value flexibility in work location most,” it said.

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