Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Moving to a new home in retirement? Along with the lifestyle changes, remember to pay attention to:

* Estate planning. You probably will want to retain an attorney in your new state; at the least, have this lawyer review your will to see if it needs to be changed because you have a new residence. You also may want to change your executor if the person you have named lives far away and might not be able to handle all the necessary details.

* Taxes. If you use a tax preparer to do your taxes, you probably will want to switch to one in your new state because each state has different laws.

* Funeral Arrangements. You also may want to think about funeral and burial arrangements at this time. Especially if you’re moving away from your closest relatives, it will be very helpful for your survivors if you make your own plans in advance. (Of course, make sure your family knows of any arrangements you’ve made.)

* Downsize. If you’re going to move into a new home, go over all of your furniture, furnishings, clothing, etc. Take along only the items you’ll really need and want. You might be able to sell some of the rest but even if not, you’ll pay less in moving costs.

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