Retirement Policy

A new report from OMB shows that that the government continues to make relatively little use of a special authority allowing an exception from the general rule that federal retirees who return to work for the government must have their salaries offset by the amount of their annuities.

Several exceptions to that policy have been carved out over the years due to concerns about the government’s need to fill certain jobs with specific skills that are hard to find on the open job market but which retired employees already possess. One such policy allows reemployment without an offset into acquisition-related positions.

The latest report, though, shows that last fiscal year, only 125 annuitants were working under the exception, a total that was down from 140 the previous year, although up from the 57 the year before that. As in the past, DoD made the most use of the authority, accounting for 89 of the reemployed annuitants, while 13 other departments and agencies employed the rest.

OMB said it is continuing to work to provide agencies and hiring managers with information about the authority, citing a recent memo on attracting talent to the acquisition workforce and a seminar co-hosted with OPM on hiring flexibilities and strategies.