Retirement Policy

OPM has told agencies to begin reporting immediately on their use of a new hiring authority, enacted last year, providing for limited term appointments of federal retirees without an offset between their annuities and their salaries.

Hours worked by any annuitant reemployed under the provisions are limited to 520 during the first six months of retirement, 1,040 during any 12-month period, and 3,120 for total hours worked during any period. OPM told agencies they need to track use of the authority—effective starting in February, covering any use since the law’s effective date of last October 28—because of provisions limiting its use. Specifically, reemployment may not exceed 2.5 percent of the full-time workforce at any time, and if 1 percent is exceeded agencies are required to provide an explanation and justification to the Congress and OPM.

OPM said it plans to require agencies to maintain information on: the name of the individual for whom the waiver is being requested; the appointing authority the agency intends to use to reemploy the annuitant; and the position to which the agency intends to reemploy the annuitant.

Agencies will have to report each February 1 on the authority, which will expire in five years from enactment unless renewed.