Retirement Policy

Federal retirees have the right to apply for a government job and return to full-time employment status as a reemployed annuitant. However, should you find such a job and successfully apply for it, there will be major changes in the way your current annuity check is handled.

Reemployment in a government job will cause your annuity to stop if:

  1. You are a disability annuitant whom the OPM has found recovered or restored to earning capacity prior to reemployment;
  2. You are a disability annuitant who was not disabled for your National Guard Technician position but were awarded a disability annuity because you were medically disqualified for continued membership in the National Guard;
  3. Your annuity is based on an involuntary separation (other than a separation that was required by law based on your age and length of service or a separation for cause on charges of misconduct or delinquency) and your new appointment is permanent in nature (for example, Career, Career-Conditional or Excepted); or
  4. You receive a Presidential appointment subject to retirement deductions.

Note: Under Public Law 108-136, the Defense Department has authority to hire federal retirees without an offset between their salaries and their new salaries.