Retirement Policy

If your annuity stops as the result of your reemployment with the government, your status will be that of a regular employee. If your new appointment gives retirement coverage:

  1. The coverage will be CSRS if you had CSRS coverage when you retired and you are reemployed within one year of your retirement.
  2. The coverage will be CSRS-Offset (CSRS and Social Security coverage) if you had CSRS-Offset coverage when you retired, you are reemployed more than a year after your retirement or you are appointed to a senior position that is subject to mandatory Social Security coverage.
  3. The coverage will be FERS if you had FERS coverage when you retired.

Note: If you are rehired as a former CSRS employee and choose to change retirement coverage to FERS, the 1 percent agency contribution will begin the day your coverage under FERS is effective. You may also elect to begin contributing your own money to TSP within 30 days of the effective date of your transfer to FERS. If you do, your contributions and your agency matching contributions will begin the next pay period. If you wish your TSP contributions to be effective the same date as your transfer to FERS, check with your personnel office for procedures to follow.