Retirement Policy

When your reemployment ends, a new determination about your rights to retirement benefits will be made. Your prior retirement benefit generally has no impact on your new retirement benefit.
If you meet all the requirements for an immediate retirement, your benefit will be computed as though you are retiring for the first time.

Note: The unused sick leave balance used in the initial retirement computation will be added to the unused sick leave balance when your reemployment ends.

Generally, you will have to wait until age 62 to receive a deferred annuity if you do not qualify for an immediate retirement benefit when your reemployment ends.

In rare situations, an annuity based on an involuntary retirement may be reinstated when your reemployment ends. The annuity will be reinstated if you were reemployed after more than one year of your initial retirement and your reemployment lasted less than one year.
A disability annuity may be reinstated when your reemployment ends if you have not reached age 62, you were reemployed more than one year after you separated for disability retirement, your reemployment lasted less than one year and your disability has recurred or your earnings capacity falls below the 80 percent limitation.