Retirement Policy

OMB has issued a memo to senior procurement executives on hiring retired federal employees receiving an annuity into acquisition-related positions, as authorized by a law passed last year.

The authority, meant to stabilize the acquisition workforce through expected retirements over the next few years, allows agencies to hire individuals receiving annuities without an offset against their salaries, in order to help fill acquisition-related positions.

The authority expires at the end of 2011 and OFPP called on agencies to take advantage of the legislation.

The memo states that reemployed annuitants can be hired to act as mentors and provide on-the-job training, bolster staff for short-term projects or surges, support emergency acquisition needs, serve as consultants, or generally support program managers as acquisition experts.

Agencies should coordinate with their Chief Human Capital Officer, the Chief Acquisition Officer, and the Acquisition Career Manager to draft implementation plans, then consult with OFPP and OPM prior to implementation, the memo said.

It said annual reports on the use of the provision should be provided to OFPP and OPM by each November 1 starting in 2008.