Retirement Policy

Most employees with coverage under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program pay their premiums through payroll withholding. When they retire, they must make arrangements to have the payments withheld from their annuities instead.

Those retiring need to contact LTC Partners, the benefit’s carrier, to make these arrangements; deductions will not automatically transfer from your agency to your retirement system. As soon as LTC Partners hears from you, they will work with OPM to set up premium deductions from your annuity.


Premiums for FLTCIP cannot be deducted from your annuity while you are receiving “interim payments” which are payments that come before the final decision is made on the amount of the monthly annuity. This means that until OPM finalizes your annuity, LTC Partners must bill you directly.

Once your annuity is finalized, LTC Partners can begin to deduct premiums from your annuity. Annuity deductions are not adjusted to “catch up” uncollected premiums, so it’s important for you to pay the direct bills promptly when you receive them to keep your FLTCIP coverage current.