Retirement Policy

The TSP has changed its policies covering spousal rights to specify that same-sex marriages qualify if they were performed in a jurisdiction that recognizes such marriages, regardless of current residency.

That primarily will affect policies covering withdrawals and loans in which a spouse’s consent is required before a TSP participant can take certain actions, as well as who qualifies as the beneficiary when a standard order of precedence is used after the death of a participant who did not make a beneficiary designation.


Meanwhile, the TSP plans to change its rules so that only a beneficiary designation it receives within one year of the participant signing it will be considered valid. According to a Register notice, the TSP is continuing to receive beneficiary forms on the deaths of participants that are many years old, from a time when such forms were filed at an employing agency rather than at the TSP—forms that the participant may have forgotten about and can cause the proceeds to go to someone other than a beneficiary whom the participant would have chosen more recently.