Complete Guide to Federal Career Transitions


This all-new 200-page all-inclusive guide is available for immediate shipment. 

With significant changes expected across the federal government in coming months and years – and in some cases already taking place – including restructuring, downsizing and reductions in force, many federal employees are thinking about transitioning to new jobs. For some that means leaving the federal government while for others that could mean moving into another agency or institution.

This book is designed to help you think through that process, come up with a plan of action and execute it.


What's inside

Many people are thinking about transitioning to new jobs, both inside and outside the federal government.

This brand new book is designed to help you think about how potential changes may affect you and challenges that you will be facing as you focus on your career future.

Here’s just some of what this all-new book will cover:

• How to know if its time for a career change
• Change including understanding the change cycle, how it impacts different people in different ways and how you can manage it.
• Understanding federal programs such as ICTAP, which may be available to you, depending upon your individual situation.
• Identifying your career interests and strengths through the completion of assessments
• Assessing your strengths and learning how they can be marketed
• Developing a plan for your job search
• Differences between the federal and private sector job search process, including internet job searches and federal automated hiring systems
• Learning to prepare a private sector resume
• The importance of social media for your private sector job search
• Networking; what does it mean and how do you do it
• Interview skills; what to do and what not to do, including follow up
• How to be successful in your next job!

This indispensable guide contains a lot of information that will be very useful to you –whether you or not decide to transition.   The process of transition requires a lot of work and effort on your part.   But, the results are well worth it!