Fedweek.com guide: Interviewing for a federal job

The Complete Guide to Interviewing for a Federal Job


This all-new book is designed to guide you through the interviewing process, tools to prepare for your interview effectively and sail through it, and advice on what to do after your interview.

What's inside

The key to landing the federal job you want is preparation and practice. This all-new book is designed to give you a good idea of what to expect from the interviewing process, tools to prepare for your interview effectively and sail through it, and advice on what to do after your interview. That includes how to follow up, what to say, and how and when to say it.

Here’s what’s inside of this all-new guide:


  • Understanding the importance of preparation before your interview
  • Dressing for Success
  • Define CCAR and how to use it
  • Discuss the “elevator speech”
  • Recognize how to approach different kinds of interview formats (telephone, in person, etc)
  • Learn the importance of your questions and answers
  • Discuss how to close the interview
  • Did you know that only 15% of applicants get the job based on their skills?
  • Why? Because hiring managers want to hire who they like and believe can learn and do the job.
  • The interview is your opportunity to show the hiring manager what you bring to the table and you can’t afford to wing it!

About the Author of “The Complete Guide to Interviewing for a Federal Job”

Nancy Segal is a federal human resources training and job search expert who specializes in helping federal employees design their resumes and walking through the application process with USAJOBS and helping them through the interview process. She had  her own 30-year federal HR career (much of it at the senior level) and has unmatched federal career management insight, high standards, and respect for people’s time, and her clients use this to their advantage. Nancy Segal is also a certified Federal Resume Writer and federal HR expert and also co-author of another one of FEDweek’s best sellers “Complete Guide to Writing a Federal Resume”

Here’s a partial table of contents in this very timely guide:

  1. The Federal Hiring Process: Why hiring manager’s interview and interviewing is a two-way street.
  2. Preparing for an Interview: Calming your nervers, what to bring to the table, anticipating questions and answers, handling difficult questions and more.
  3. The Interview Day: Body language, the interview itself and closing the interview.
  4. After the Interview: Assessing your performance, thank you notes and what to do if you have not heard anything.
  5. Virtual and Informational Interviews and much more!

This book is arranged in easily digestible pieces. You can read it from cover-to-cover or just search for the information that is pertinent to you. It also comes with a compete set of worksheets helping you plan an organize yourself for your interview.